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01. Exactly what we offer...

We offer zipper pullshardwarewebbing, vinyl, sewing notions and a crap ton of zippers!

You can search for your perfect zipper by colour or coil.

Don't know where to start? Check out our bundles so it's easy to pick one and go.

02. Why choose our nylon zippers?

1. You can easily cut them to the exact length you need (whenever you need them).

2. They're really easy to sew through and they won't break your needles. 

3. Our stuff is made with AZO-free dyes and no heavy metals.

4. You can attach your favourite zipper pulls to help customize and elevate your projects.

03. Want to know more about us?

We're a small business with unshakable optimism and dedication to helping you create your best. If you’re curious about our story and how we came to do what we do, get the full scoop on our about page.

We're Canadian but we also ship to the United States via USPS and DHL.

Most importantly, our products are guaranteed to make you happier, wiser and younger. OK, maybe not younger or wiser. But definitely happier.

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Here's what makers are saying...

I love everything about Zipper Valley. From the prompt service to great quality products. I can always find exactly what I need with Zipper Valley.

Sue H.

The emails are amazing, shopping is fun and shipping is great. The package is super cute and a nice little note inside. Definitely my #1 zipper go to!

Jessica H.

The quality is beyond excellent and they are even more beautiful than pictures can show. I have already placed multiple orders and will be back.

Pirjo P.

I was expecting a normal zipper pull. These are anything but normal! They are very high end looking...I will buy these again and again!

Laura S.

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